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Protein SNACK Bars – Low in Fat, Low in Sugar, Sufficient Protein!




Besides, it fits perfectly in a balanced Eating Plan as well, such as for all of us trying to reduce Body Fat & Tone-Up!

Its practical size gives you the opportunity to take it with you anywhere! It fits easily in bags with different size, in your Cooler, in your Sports bag and even in your pocket, so it can be a super accessory for your daily meals.

This MEAL Replacement Protein Bar is a great choice if you have a busy week and you want to have a bite on your way, or you sit next to your desk and you would eat something! Besides, you can eat it before or after any activities, for example Exercise, but you can take it with you to a Holiday / Weekend trip, too!

With its rich taste and tender texture, it is a true combination of a pleasant and useful treat! Try from the selection of different flavors below and take a bar with you anywhere!

Flavours in Stock:

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