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BCAA’S – The Perfect Addition to Water, Great for Toning and to Reduce Soreness




The branched-chain amino acids referred to here, are Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Of the three, leucine is the most critical, because science suggests it literally gets into the muscle and turns on the process of muscle protein synthesis (the development of Muscle Toning).

Leucine has also been associated with the suppression of hunger in-between snacks/meals or when all the day’s snacks have been consumed!

Furthermore, all these three BCAA’s work together as an energy source. They are actually used by the muscles as a fuel source during intense Exercise.

The last thing we want during a fat loss journey, is to lose muscle tone. Why? Because we want to have an attractive physique once most of the body fat is gone and because LESS muscle tone would lead to LESS fat loss, even in the early stages of journey.

Furthermore, if the body does not have enough fuel, the workout would not be pulled off in a sufficiently effective manner.

Nowadays, BCAA supplements also come in the form of powder, which when mixed would water would turn into a very tasty liquid, which do not add any unnecessary calories to your daily intake.

Also, BCAA drinks can be used as a ‘water replacement’ whenever the person feels like adding some flavour to the liquid consumed everyday. Even though these supplements can be bought off the counter from relatively certain nutrition shops, we strongly suggest that you seek Medical Advice before consuming any kind of supplement.

We never base the guidelines and knowledge that we share, based just on our own knowledge; instead we always reference various credible and recent scientific researches that take place.

Feel free to check this same research for yourself, by searching for the following studies / visiting the following links;

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