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achieve your fitness goals! achieve your fitness goals!

At ANBL, we offer the convenience of a comprehensive and results-driven exercise schedule designed to help you achieve your fat loss, toning and de-stressing goals in the most efficient amount of time.

Our program combines the best of Resistance Exercise Sessions, Circuit Exercise Sessions, Body Weight Exercise Sessions, HIIT Sessions and Mobility, Stretch & Recovery to provide balanced and effective workouts that will improve your overall fitness, health, and wellbeing.

With our exercise schedule, you can attend as many 30-minute Sessions as you wish, 6 days a week.

Whether you're looking to attend in-Studio in Naxxar or Online via Zoom (or recorded for later viewing), we have you covered. So, if you're ready to achieve your fat loss and toning goals, join us at ANBL and let's get started!

how we
get you there
how we
get you there

  • resistance exercises

    Resistance Exercises challenge your muscles and build strength, using weights, resistance bands, or other equipment to increase your muscle mass, which can help boost metabolism and aid your fat loss.

  • circuit training

    Circuit Training offers a combination of resistance and cardio exercises, designed to maximize your calorie burn, improve cardiovascular health and endurance, and help you achieve toned muscles.

  • bodyweight exercises

    These sessions use only your own weight and gravity to provide a challenging workout that will improve your strength, balance and flexibility. Body weight exercises are highly effective in targeting your core and improving overall body composition.

  • HIIT

    HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is fast-paced Exercise that alternates periods of high-intensity exercise with periods of recovery. This type of exercise is ideal for burning fat, as you are encouraged to take your body to your personal limits, leading to an increase in metabolism and a higher calorie burn. By combining high-intensity movements with recovery periods, you'll get a heart-pumping sessions that will continue to help you achieve your fat loss goals.

  • mobility, stretch & recovery

    Finally, our Mobility, Stretch & Recovery sessions help to improve flexibility, address muscle soreness, and enhance recovery in-between workouts. This type of exercise is important for preventing injury, reducing pain and discomfort, and maximising your Resistance Training and HIIT workouts.

on discovering
a new, better life
on discovering
a new, better life

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