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Lee-anne Spiteri Lee-anne Spiteri


Hi, I’m Lee-Anne Spiteri, 35 years old happily married and a mother of a 4-year-old girl.

After suffering with infertility for 9 years I ballooned to 80kg. All those medications to go through IVF and also the impulsive eating to which i thought would make up for my sorrows, didn’t help. To make matters worse as everyone knows in March 2020 when the pandemic hit, I spent months cooped up inside with a two-year-old, baking, eating and I was 5kg heavier in no time.

Reaching my heaviest at 85kg, in September 2021 my sister suggested that we join A NEW, BETTER LIFE and I can say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. We contacted ANBL and it was suggested to join the 3-week ‘Rapid Inch Loss programme’. Which we were lucky enough to get for 4 Weeks instead of 3 weeks as we joined as a pair.

We didn’t think twice and enrolled immediately as something had to be done. My weight and image were affecting my self-esteem. Enough was Enough!

After the Coaching Team, we were also contacted immediately by the Nutritionist and we kept in contact daily with the meal plans and keeping her updated on what we were eating and started the Group Sessions.

I never thought exercising would be so much fun. I always hated training but the talented Coaches at ANBL keep you motivated, focused and challenge you to reach your personal goals. We basically joined a second family, were we attend 3-6 sessions a week, 30 minutes each of intense and fun Exercise which I can easily fit into my hectic life with amazing people.

In addition, it is very convenient that there are early sessions which I can attend, that way my daughter is still asleep and I am ready for the day ahead. Furthermore if im in a rush for another Meeting and/or I need to eat, we have access to Showers, Lockers, Changing Rooms, Toilets and even a Restaurant.

So far, I am 12kg Lighter, 2 dress sizes Smaller & I feel energised through the day unlike before where I used to wake up tired already and most importantly, I feel healthy. I am happier and more confident in my own skin and I do not need to hide under baggy clothes.

I encourage anyone who would like/need to Improve their Life and/or to Transform, to join A New Better Life. You will find support and guidance by this professional amazing team.

Thank you, A New Better Life for giving me my life back.


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