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Joseph Casha Joseph Casha


I was simply UNHAPPY with how my life was turning out to be….after Many Failed Attempts of sticking to some Diet (What an Old & Boring word), I was never the person not try new things…. And heard about A New, Better Life.

Turn back the clock to today, a couple of months later, I’ve Lost over 17kg, 11.5cm off my Waist, 15cm off my Hips.

What I learned was impressive. Yes, I am a very busy person, Yes, I do go out and enjoy my life and Yes, I do love to eat various foods and luckily NOBODY from ‘A New, Better Life’ urged me to change this.

Instead they Educated me on setting Boundaries and how to Dictate the story of my own Health & Fitness Success. It’s a Way of Life that I cannot stay away from. I feel healthy, energetic, and for the first time in 15 years, I look in the mirror and I like what I see 😀

Nothing compares to feeling Great in your own skin. While starting this journey was my own choice, my time and effort, I wouldn’t have done it without the constant support and encouragement of Matthaeus and the team at A New Better Life. I owe them a lot as they have literally transformed me physically and mentally.

If you are anything like me, fed up of trying every solution out there, fed up of wasting your little precious time, then ‘A New, Better Life’ is your Solution, they will Tailor a Programme that is the Right one for YOU and your Specific Wants, Needs & Preferences.


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