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WE ARE HIRING: Fitness Coaches WE ARE HIRING: Fitness Coaches

(Especially if you Can Coach between 5:25AM and 7AM and/or 5:30PM - 7:45PM)

We’re looking for that superstar that knows how to inspire people to commit to themselves through compliance toward exercise and nutrition.

Using our tools and your personal knowledge you’ll be committed to helping people In-Person and Online to become the best versions of themselves.

But here’s a little info on what we’re looking for... The best trainers are fanatical self-studies and always learning new things.

They are either outgoing and highly energetic, or passionately humble and convey a strong sense of empathy.

Either way they are adept at connecting one-on-one or in groups making people feel comfortable enough to trust them and to to turn to them for support.

They will take pride in enriching someone else’s life and be genuinely committed to doing everything they can to help.

(Thinking outside the box and using creativity to encourage a smile and empower their clients to believe “I can.”)

The best trainers realise the real job is outside of the training session, it’s in the planning, learning, encouraging, and following up that inspires their clients to modify their behaviours in the other 23 hours a day!

(HINT: The most successful trainers make their clients feel as though their trainer is always available, but know that after an impression is established the client won't often need them unexpectedly.)

You will spend most of your time (Right Before, During and Right After your sessions): Coaching and Following up, talking with them directly, helping them believe in themselves, encouraging them.

You will guide them through the next simple steps in our resources and follow up frequently to ensure their compliance.

You will need to do so creatively and with a strong use of technology (mainly Zoom) as you will be expected to manage a broad client base of a few hundred people at a time, who come to Sessions in Groups of 12-20.

You will be someone who also continues to research and learn about health, fitness and how the body works.

We are looking for someone who can Speak and Write in BOTH Maltese and English.

We are not looking for someone who constantly needs to be told what to do.

We are looking for self starters; we are not looking for someone that needs a lot of hand holding and explanation this isn’t the place.

We are not looking for someone that doesn’t notice when people haven’t come for a while, or someone that believes people will follow through on their nutrition plans or working out without constant assurance.

We are looking for someone who knows how to motivate people and get them to commit.

If you don’t have a track record of always getting what you want, or being able to easily make friends in any situation this probably isn’t the job for you.

What’s it look like long term? You live a long, healthy, happy life, surrounded by people who genuinely believe in you and may even have someone say, “you changed or saved my life.”

Within our organisation there's opportunities to grow into sales and management within our current facility or one of the future ones.

In the short term what you can expect? A fun, fast paced, challenging environment (if you can’t handle a little chaos this is not the place for you), a great and very committed team who will always have your back, getting to come to work in comfortable clothing and an ongoing education by Coaches who are possibly More Experienced and More Qualified.

The compensation rate per hour will be far better than the average hourly rate found all around the island. What skills do you need today?

- A Valid Exercise/Sport Certification/Qualification.

- Prior experience at places like other gyms and especially previous client testimonials are all preferred.

Desired Skills and Experience; Realistically we can give you any education you need (we’ve developed education for trainers that’s being used in the USA.)

But having one or more current certifications and any of the following will improve your credibility: * Having long time personal fitness experience * Direct personal training or group fitness experience * Client testimonials * Hospitality experience * Coaching experience * Phy Ed or Sport/Exercise Diploma/Degree

How-to apply:

* Reminder that Coaches proficient in BOTH written & spoken MALTESE & ENGLISH only will be considered *

Please send an email with your CV, cover letter explaining why you would be good for this position and references attached to
If you believe this could be you, We Look forward To Hearing from you.

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