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When is the best time for change?

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When is the best time to start making some kind of change? Specifically a change which you intend to keep long-term?

It can be a physical change, it can be a change to learn something new, whatever it is.

And it can be ugly weather like we had today when we filed this ‘video’. It could be raining, it could be summer, it could be january…. Usually those are all just ‘weather conditions’ or ‘just seasons;

so if we just ‘depend’ on the calendar to start changing, such as if we say “now i will start in summer or now i will start in january, usually that is not a mentally healthy change from within that will lead you to take the necessary intrinsic and/or extrinsic decisions for your own personal motivations.

In what sense?

So we know that the january resolutions for example are quite ‘fashionable’.

It is almost ‘traditional’ that some people wish to or preferably do make minor/major changes, cause others are doing the same or because of any post-holiday ‘guilt’ that some might be experiencing.

However, the motivation, in my opinion must be our very own;

What’s regarded as ‘intrinsic motivation’ i.e. Motivation from within…

Why i personally want or better yet need to do something!

If it’s something that i really need to do there is no waiting until january, there is no need to wait until school re-starts in october… Actually in some cases, when it comes to our health, it could be that waiting till october or january might be ‘too late’.

So the best day for you to start doing something is…. Today of course!

And today does not mean that if you are watching this ‘video’ in the evening, to go get dressed quickly, buy some clothes, and go run outside right away (although of course you have every right to do so, if this article got you that motivated!)

If you are not starting your exercise today, you can simply go to your kitchen, head to your cupboards or fridge and list down the food that you can donate and/or you will re-stock… As you know that the particular food you list is not helping you towards your own goals.

Another idea would be, that if for example i live with my family, i will create a section for myself where i have the food that can fit in the cupboard and have that section just for me.

So do something small today, however small, because the big changes will be achieved and retained by you making one small change after another…. And repeating these new traits over and ove again until you form new and healthy habits.

A couple years back, i did this “cupboard cleaning” myself and in order not to ever waste food again and/or stock in food that does not help me, i called plan h malta to subscribe to one of their food calculation, food preperation and food delivery programmes. I never looked back.

Do you believe that your nutrition is sorted? Great!

It’s time to focus on your sleep! I won’t get into much detail about the vital important of sleep but getting those 6-8 hours of quality sleep will do wonders for your quality of life and health, to say the least.

One of our best friends, exercise doesn’t also ‘just’ help us sleep deeper (sleep quality is of tremendous importance), it will possibly / probably lead to;

  • Having your aches and pains disappear.
  • Your mood can naturally become more optimistic.
  • Feeling lighter and have soaring energy levels
  • Reducing/ avoiding a number of illness and disease.
  • Processing information with more clarity and quicker.

Once you get into the routine of exercising regularly, you’ll eventually forget about the soreness, sluggishness, and discomfort you were previously experiencing.
Including regular exercise that you personally enjoy in your routine is a certain way to enhance your wellness in general.

With every session, you gift yourself a reward.
Are you ready to feel fantastic, one change at a time, starting today?

Wishing you health and happiness

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