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The fridge… The start of a major change in life. Why and how?

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Maybe you’ve been thinking, like a lot of other people, that you want to make a change, that you want to change something about your life.

And in my field, we mostly talk about things like “fitness,” “fat loss,” and “toning.”

I do, however, have a question that is frequently asked: ” I hear so many things that need to be done better that i don’t know where to start. What should I do?”

Most of the time, I reply, the change starts in your fridge or cupboard.

And, if we can call them “shortcuts,” i’ll tell you a little about them:

  • on how you can start to feel better right away,
  • you will also start making improvements to your appearance.

It’s by cutting down a lot or even getting rid of it over time… It’s sugar added in/ to your foods/drinks.

And fats that have been modified

When we talk about, say, “hydrogenated oils,”
“canola oil” is one of the good examples.

What can you do then, instead?

You should not say, “I’ll give up everything, including eating out” nor “let me sit here and watch other people eat, but don’t give me anything to eat.”

Both of which are probably bad for both the mind and the body, when done over-time

Insteading of cutting things out completely… Focus on substituting them;

So, if I have canola oil in the cupboard for example, let’s switch to extra virgin olive oil.

We are very lucky to live in this country and in the mediterranean, where we can enjoy the vast positives of a mediterranean style of eating. By doing so, we can also help the local product, the Maltese product.

When we buy and make use of extra virgin olive oil, which doesn’t just taste good, but it’s very good for the health too, especially instead of these hydrogenated oils, for instance.

Back to sugars…. A common mis-conception, is that people mistakenly think that all cereals are good because they are just that…cereals.

This is far from the truth, unfortunately.

Most would argue, that if around 10 grams per 100 grams of the product comes from sugars, especially added sugars, is best to put that product back where it belongs and look for something better.

If for example, if we’re talking about more natural cereals, such as oats, these are typically a great fit for most.

By the way, rest assured that most people don’t necessarily need to take something in the morning.

There is actually this particular system that you can put in place, that is called intermittent fasting which is now so well-known and scientifically backed for it’s numerous benefits (benefits most of which are similar / identical to other popular calorie-controlled systems).

— Intermittent fasting is a practise where you cycle between periods of time when you fast and when you eat. 

Because you start eating later and stop eating earlier with intermittent fasting, you still consume all the food you need for the day (such as when you follow the 16:8 system, that we will go into more detail below).

— Most people have discovered that 16/8 intermittent fasting works the best for helping with the process of shaping up and looking great by decreasing body fat while preserving muscle tone.

That implies that you eat the food you require each day over the course of 8 continuous hours while also fasting for 16 straight hours, eight of which you should ideally be asleep.

Drinks containing milk and, especially, sugar will cause you to break your fast. The most of us appear to be able to get away with adding up to 1-2 tablespoons of milk to our tea or coffee without breaking the fast.

— According to research, fasting is associated with a number of health advantages, such as improved longevity and maybe even lower levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides (although this is more related to fasts longer than 20 hours, which are typically not recommended for most people).

Additional advice on intermittent fasting;

  1. Bear in mind that hunger attacks in waves. When you feel hungry, sip a glass of still or sparkling water gently. Ideally, avoid any milk while drinking coffee, green or black tea, or both (or just 1-2 teaspoons as mentioned earlier).
  2. Keep active or participate in anything, even if it’s enjoyable or relaxing. You can stop thinking about eating by doing that.
  3. Have a bone broth with sea salt if you’re feeling lightheaded. You’ll stay hydrated and your salt levels will remain steady.
  4. Give the required amount of time. You’re still getting used to it throughout the first several days.
  5. When you aren’t fasting, be sure to eat high-quality, nutrient-dense foods that are as natural (and preferably organic) as you can.
  6. After a fast, try not to overeat; the quantity and possibly also the type of food you consume are very important. Fasting does not give us the green light to overindulge, particularly when it comes to processed/refined foods that are bad for our health & appearance.
  7. In particular, if you suffer from obesity, in general, it is advised to maintain insulin levels low, thus it is best to avoid frequent eating, especially frequent eating of substantial meals.

For the majority of people, it is preferable to have 2-4 meals rather than 5-8 snacks throughout the day after a fast.

When it’s time to eat, a number of factors come into play, including your weight, age, level of activity, kind of job, food preferences, and food intolerances. Your qualified nutritionist or dietitian should have calculated and created this.

The best appearance and health those who exercise often and well will undoubtedly see results. For the majority, 30 minutes when done properly are already very effective. Always consult a physiotherapist if you are experiencing discomfort or an injury.

On different days of the week, it is often advised that you perform weight training exercises that target most or all of your body’s muscles (2-4 x a week is doable for most).

Ideally, this is carried out under the guidance of a certified coach.

Wishing you health and happiness

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